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Games and Apps Localization

What is the best way to acquire multiple growth in gamers? Well it’s without a doubt that mobile game localization is on the checklist of things to do. The ROI of mobile game localization is very promising, recent data shows that you’re going to have to think bigger than just the U.S. market. According to statistics, the U.S. accounted for just 28% of the free download market and just 34% of global revenue from iPhone apps. Game developers already know that to be successful, they need to localize. English, being the #1 language on the net, represents only a 27% segment of the market. The other 73% are out of reach without localizing. The question is not if, but how.  How should developers localize their software to make it successful in many countries, we are ready to help you by taking on all your translation and adaptation worries. We work with all platforms, including Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile.


LoVoTrans Games and Apps Localization Services:

  • Localization of software, games, and online apps
  • Localization of desktop, browser, and mobile games
  • Linguistic testing - After the localized version of the app has been compiled, a localization specialist tests the build on the version of the OS for the locale in question. During linguistic testing, the tester takes screenshots of problem areas (text is not translated, strings do not fit on screen, wrong encoding or text direction, wrong context) and works with the developer to make fixes to the resource files.
  • Resources files: types and formats - Common data formats that we work with include .rc, .resx, .ini, .po, .properties, .xml, and .html. We also localize databases (SQL dumps).
  • Ongoing string translation -  For translating small texts or individual strings (which appear as new versions of a program that are released), we have the perfect solution using our Translation Memory Management system which save cost and time
  • Localization of audio, video, and graphics - If your project needs voice-overs in a new language — or you need to localize a video or redraw the graphics — we know exactly how to get it done. With our professional inhouse recording studio, our audio and video engineers can handle all multimedia localization needs
  • Copywriting and rewriting - Need more than a simple translation? We can recreate a text in the language of your choice, conveying your thoughts in different words, writing an entirely new text, or combining texts from various sources.
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