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E-Learning Content Localization: The why’s and how’s.

Do you want your global users to get a full learning experience? Do you want your students to learn through examples that they identify with? Do you want your company to move up in the competition and want your training practices to stand out? Don’t get lost in translation. Don’t let the language barrier bring you down. Our expert team of Linquists and Engineers will make your content ready for people across the globe and belonging to different cultures. Say hello to content localization.

eLearning localization

So what is E-Learning Localization and how can you benefit from it?

Localization makes your eLearning content ready for a new audience. Taking into account the cultural background of your audience, it makes the course as intuitive and as easy to understand as it is for the native audience. You can reach a larger audience once your eLearning content is localized thereby increasing your market and your profits. This also helps in making your organization a global one thereby earning more respect and reliability. Anotheramazing advantage of localization is, along with diverse audience come different ideas and newer perspectives. Use these feedbacks to give your students a deeper and more global insight of any subject

So how do we provide effective eLearning Localization?

Our team of experts can deal with all file formats. We can take the source files and convert them to any language. We have a professional recording studio and over 52 language voice talents. We localize for you by keeping in mind the eLearning localization cornerstones of technology, updatability, language, content and media. We focus mainly on:

1. Crossing the cultural barrier

Effective translation alone cannot guarantee proper understanding of the content. For the content to convey its intended meaning it is extremely important to give relevant cultural references. A deep understanding is required of the target audiences’ culture, their ways and practices and of what is considered legal and what is against the norms in a particular society. We study this for you and provide the most culturally appropriate examples and content for your eLearning course. This helps the audience to relate to the content and facilitates a deep understanding of the subject.

2. Text Matters

 Translation does not just mean word to word conversion of one language into another. A few languages are written from right to left and a few have extremely long texts. If converted word to word then these texts can become too large to read and the learners may loseinterest. Our translators offer concise and effective translation of the content so that the learners remain interested. A comprehensive linguistic check and review is also done to ensure correctness and accuracy.

3. Multimedia

Be it voiceovers, voice casting or audio recording services we provide it all. Experts in their respective fields provide perfect audios with special attention to pronunciation. Subtitles in videos are also provided which help the students understand the content effectively. Images are an important aspect of any eLearning course. A picture if used correctly, can convey the meaning of a thousand words. But what if that picture makes no sense in another language or worse still, what if it has a very different meaning. We do extensive research and include appropriate pictures to make sure that the picture indeed says a thousand words.

4. Cost

Apart from the obvious benefit of generating a greater revenue through a diverse audience the eLearning localization costs can be reduced by following a few simple guidelines during the content creation phase itself. Take into account text expansion and provide adequate space for it.Use a common repository for repeated content so that change has to be made only at one place during localization.

5. Let’s integrate

Our development team has a wide range of expertise in eLearning authoring and localization tools such as Flash, XML, HTML, PHP, ASP, SCORM, LMS (learning Management System), action scripts and much more. We will use all these and make that perfect localized E-learning content for you.

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