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Japanese Localization: The Challenges And Solutions

Roughly 78% of Japan is connected to the internet via mobiles or PC's. 95% of Japanese population are mobile subscribers and japan uses mobile internet more than any other country in the world. Not just in japan, but web users all over the world are four times more likely to purchase your product if your website is in their native language. Only one percent of the of the population has enough language skills to understand foreign language websites. For any commercial business Japan can be a very good market as their GDP is the third highest in the world. You wouldn’t want to lose out on such a market. Though localizing in Japanese is not easy

Japanese Translation

Localization in ASEAN countries

Why should a company localize its products and services? 56.2 percent of consumers say that the ability to obtain information in their own language is more important than price, 65 percent of multinational enterprises believe localization is either important or very important for achieving higher company revenues and  74 percent of multinational enterprises believe it is either important or most important to achieve increased revenues from global operations. There is plenty of evidence that offerings adapted to local language, requirements and tastes are much more successful. A critical success factor for cross-border merger and acquisition deals is the ability to communicate information clearly and accurately in multiple language. It helps businesses to boost their global presence by increasing international market share, adoption of products and engaging their customers in local markets.


E-Learning Content Localization: The why’s and how’s.

Do you want your global users to get a full learning experience? Do you want your students to learn through examples that they identify with? Do you want your company to move up in the competition and want your training practices to stand out? Don’t get lost in translation. Don’t let the language barrier bring you down. Our expert team of Linquists and Engineers will make your content ready for people across the globe and belonging to different cultures. Say hello to content localization.

eLearning localization

So what is E-Learning Localization and how can you benefit from it?

Localization makes your eLearning content ready for a new audience. Taking into account the cultural background of your audience, it makes the course as intuitive and as easy to understand as it is for the native audience. You can reach a larger audience once your eLearning content is localized thereby increasing your market and your profits. This also helps in making your organization a global one thereby earning more respect and reliability. Anotheramazing advantage of localization is, along with diverse audience come different ideas and newer perspectives. Use these feedbacks to give your students a deeper and more global insight of any subject

Top 10 Languages for Mobile App/Game Localization with Maximum Revenue

Promoting a mobile app or game only in one language is not enough. Actually, an app publisher should create multiple localizations in order to cover the top grossing and emerging geographical markets. We recommend considering no fewer than 10 languages for mobile app localization.

App Store Superpowers are the countries holding leadership in terms of downloads and revenue. The latest stats show that the United States is not the front-runner anymore. In 2014, Japan and South Korea surpassed the United States by revenue on Google Play. At the same time, Japan is hot on the United States’ tail on the App Store, where it is #2 by revenue.

According to App Annie’s infographic presented at GMIC Silicon Valley event in December 2014, the following three countries form the App Store Superpowers: Japan, South Korea and the United States.

Angry Birds maker to tailor games in Chinese market


Finland's Rovio will start tailoring its Angry Birds mobile games to the Chinese market with help from Beijing Kunlun as it aims to step up business in the world's most populous country, it said on Thursday.

While Rovio has expanded the hugely successful Angry Birds brand into merchandising and licensing business, it has struggled to produce more hit games and recently cut about 110 jobs, representing 14 percent of its workforce.

"Angry Birds has been downloaded close to half a billion times in China," Rovio Chief Executive Pekka Rantala said.

"China is a massively important market and the mobile games industry is growing at a very significant pace."

Chinese games company Kunlun's share price has more than doubled since the business listed on the Shenzhen stock market last month.

Why the Translation Style Guide is Essential for Localization

Translation is an art. In order to practice that art, translators need more than a hunk of text to render in a new language. They also need guidance. They need context. They need to know your brand.

That’s where a translation style guide comes in. The translation style guide is a tool that helps you get consistent, high-quality translations. It sets the standards for content in any language, defining the voice, tone, direction, and style that will characterize your ideal translation.

Five Things to Localize + Five to Keep Centralized in Web Content Management

CMSBack in the 1990's, many companies had only one global website to represent their businesses. Now you’re likely to have a dedicated website for each of your markets, and may even have several.

If this story sounds familiar, your organization is probably facing the challenge of how to give these sites local color without diluting your global brand. It’s quite a conundrum: many local offices are used to autonomy and are reluctant to give the central marketing team control of what they see as “their” online assets.

At the same time, the central web team can never provide the kind of local market knowledge that clients and prospects need.

The solution, of course, is a combination of localization and centralization. The trick is in knowing what to include in each category. We've put together a handy list of where you can give your local teams free rein — and where you should maintain an iron grip.

How to Maximize the Potential of Localized Marketing

Eighty-six percent of marketers intend to look for ways to better localize their marketing content, according to a recent survey by the CMO Council. Other findings of the survey reveal the importance that marketers place on localized marketing and demonstrate that more work is needed to make localized marketing effective.

The findings showed:

  •     49% of survey respondents said that localized marketing is essential to business growth and profitability.
  •     41% of respondents said they devote 30% or more of their marketing budget to field or localized marketing and merchandising programs.
  •     Nearly 50% of respondents said that they are underperforming or need new strategic thinking and capability development in the area of localized marketing.

translation servicesThe need to make marketing messages and materials more relevant is the driving force behind the widespread interest in localized marketing. As the CMO Council noted,

Despite the homogenization of markets, media channels, and brand experiences globally, localization of messages, images, creative executions, offers, deals, and interactions is still critical to marketing effectiveness and customer relationship building across many business categories.”

Prospects and customers now have easy access to a wealth of online information, and they are choosing when and how they will obtain information about potential purchases. That, combined with the ever-increasing amount of marketing and advertising clutter in the environment, makes potential buyers less receptive to generic marketing messages and materials.

In these circumstances, relevance becomes an essential element of effective marketing, and localizing marketing messages and materials is a proven way to increase relevance.

Global enterprises face particularly complex challenges in delivering relevant, localized marketing content. In addition to basic translation, global marketers must provide content that uses the right currency and includes images and other features that are appropriate geographically and culturally.
Key Requirements for Content Localization

Don't Localize Your Content Unless You're Going To Do It Right

Quality localized content increases sales, reduces support costs and increases customer satisfaction.

In June 2012 Starbucks sent a message to their Irish Twitter followers. “Show us what makes you proud to be British,” it read. As The Irish Times put it, this tweet showed “a distinct lack of knowledge regarding relations between Britain and Ireland.”

Website and softwre localization

Starbucks quickly apologized but this error reflects a type of blindness that large organizations have to what they don’t consider their core markets. A number of commentators pointed out that this sort of error was regular. “They consistently post UK phone numbers and talk about pounds and pence,” one person stated. Another commented that the Irish Starbucks website still had lots of UK references.

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